Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
Fun Is Sick cover

For years, my best drawing had been going into the little notebooks I carried around. They weren't sketchbooks, because I rarely drew anything from life in them. More like ideas and thoughts... but I considered them complete works. In 1982 my friend Alex Blair decided these notebooks should see the light, so she and I chose some of the drawings and writings (but not much of the latter, thankfully) going back as far as 1975, and arranged them into a book. She had it printed and tried to sell it, but didn't have too many takers. So here are some examples of pages from this rarity, Fun Is Sick, including some of the foldout spreads.

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For some of the pages from the book, click on the thumbnails below.

Fun Is Sick sample 1: My Promise, My Sacrifice Fun Is Sick sample 2: Fear without Guilt
Fun Is Sick sample 3: Wh... Who is it? Fun Is Sick sample 4: Sweet 16 and... Deadly
Fun Is Sick sample 5: Poultry, Isaiah & Tattooing Fun Is Sick sample 6: Turtle of Terror
Fun Is Sick sample 7: Unusual Female Sex Practices Fun Is Sick sample 8: Your Face Here
Fun Is Sick sample 9: She can piss but she can't whistle. Fun Is Sick sample 10: 25% of Nothin... Nothin!
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