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a hunted head HIGH SCHOOL Onions art
To appreciate this, place yourself in the mind of a 17 year old boy in Raytown, MO in 1972. Okay, that's kind of a disturbing thought... anyway, this was an underground high school newspaper. Here's three covers (Volume 1, #13, Volume 2, #2, and Volume 2, #6), a SPOT ILLO, and some representative LITERATURE.
R. Crumb's cover HIGH SCHOOL
Southern Exposure Literary Supplement cover
..and speaking of literature, Ray South was awash in it. ("Southern Exposure" was the catchy title of our school paper.)
a hunted head PRATT INSTITUTE
Pratt was my way of going to New York without dropping out of school. So my heart was never fully into the concept of being an art student. But I did like printmaking. Here's an ETCHING.
R. Crumb's cover PRATT INSTITUTE
Many brain cells were destroyed by solvent fumes to produce these: FIRST, a standard silkscreen with drawing on it; SECOND, a photo-silkscreen.
a hunted head PRATT INSTITUTE
This ASSIGNMENT was a trompe l'oeil using objects in my room.
R. Crumb's cover COOPER UNION Application for Admisssion
Cooper Union had two big advantages over Pratt: one didn't have to take the G Train to the F Train to get to Manhattan, and it was free. I gave it a shot. The assignment on the application was to design a USELESS MACHINE. Maybe the admissions officers found my entry too useful... anyway, I didn't get in.
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