Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
a hunted head RECORD ALBUM COVER
"The Hunter" by Blondie
This came out in '82 or '83. You can view the FRONT COVER TITLE or the BACK COVER. I also have a COMMENT on this piece.
R. Crumb's cover NOTEBOOKS
from Weirdo #11
Drawings and writings from my first trip to Asia (1983/84). FOUR PAGES here.
from Heavy Metal Magazine
SIX EXAMPLES of cartoons done for Cryptica, a regular column of odd news, circa '82/'83.
We were proud to issue actual "PhD" certificates. LOGOS
from various places
Seven logos: PhD (Phu Dong Language School, my prodigal child); ITD (Indonesian Training & Development); SPOKES (a band, if I recall correctly); and CIGAR (a newsletter); MOM (my mom, who likes to tango); and DR. TRONG (the deliverer of our son in Saigon).
from two 7-inch discs
These two disc labels for a group called The Nails, one on CITY BEAT and one on JIMBOCO, were done in the early '80s.
geek on the street ILLUSTRATION
for Jimboco Records
The Nails also did a record called "Hotel for Women," for which I did THIS ILLUSTRATION.
geek on the street RELIC
from the vault
While living on Forsyth St., if I got bored (I couldn't have a TV... the junkies would have just taken it) I would search through the abandoned apartments. Some of them had lots of stuff in them, as if people had left in a hurry. In one, I found THIS STATUE, which I altered to fit my mood at the time.
geek on the street COLUMN HEAD
from High Times Magazine
SEEDS 'n' STEMS was a regular column in this magazine in the early '80s.
Darling? ...Yes Dear? ADS
for The Mudd Club
These (first ONE, then the OTHER) appeared in NYC newspapers in 1980.
OK, it's actually me. POSTER
for "Coming into Awareness"
This POSTER, from 1986, advertised an off-off-Broadway play.
directly to jail AD
for the organization "Stop Prisoner Rape"
SPR ran this ad in 2000.
Eno did go on. CARTOONS
from EG Newsletter
I laid out and contributed to this publication for EG records. There's a cover picture of the LOUNGE LIZARDS, a small illustration of KILLING JOKE, and a two-page comic about ENO, to which he contributed an original rap.
from Cigar Newsletter
This Al Goldstein attempt at legitimacy (plus he liked cigars) happened during my art directorship at Screw. There's an ILLUSTRATION and a CARTOON depiction of correct cigar-lighting technique.
curate THIS ART
for some Philistines
I did these blown-up versions of drawings (A BULLET IN HIS HEAD... and HIGH BLOOD PLEASURE) for a museum show in London in 1982, and went all the way there only to be told, ever so politely, that they weren't appropriate.
Brother of Father of Son of Sam NEWSLETTER
for American Language Training
One of my many tasks at this Jakarta English school was putting out the student-based newsletter. Here is a COVER and two pages with cartoons (call them MEMORY and FAUNA).
Who says art has to be big? SPOT ART
for Public Illumination Magazine
BITS and pieces from this small (literally... 7x11 cm) early 80s artzine.
they paid well COVER
for Big Red
John Holmstrom and I did this COVER for Columbia Records' trade newsletter in 1978.
for Jakarta softball leagues
The authorized apparel of the 1991 South East Asia International Slo-Pitch Softball Tournament, a slight variation for 1992, and that of the 1992 Ladies' Softball League.
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