Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
link to Tai Chi booklet TAP DUONG SINH KIEU UC ("Tai Chi, Australian Style")
I designed, wrote copy for, and illustrated this booklet for Saatchi & Saatchi (based on their idea), to be handed out in local nightclubs as a Foster's Beer promotion. CLICK HERE to peruse the manual.
Knorr pig links are in the text. KNORR PIGS
These cartoony illustrations were done for J. Walter Thompson's Knorr ad campaign. View a sample AD , an AD IN SITU, and a promo PONCHO. (I did only the pigs.)
link to "Hey Doctor, Why?" illustrations BAC SI OI TAI SAO ("Hey Doctor, Why?")
This is a birds-and-bees book for teenagers. There were two versions: one for girls and one for boys. CLICK HERE to see the illustrations from both books.
link to "Weight Worries" illustrations NOI BUON CAN NANG ("Weight Worries")
Some cartoons for a book on how to lose weight. CLICK HERE to see the illustrations.
link to Achyranta package ACHYRANTA
Package design for this locally produced herbal medicine. CLICK HERE to see the box.
link to Atomega poster ATOMEGA
This poster & logo was done for local rocker Rocky's Atomega Band. CLICK HERE to see it.
link to Atomega poster LITERACY COMIC
The assignment here (from Saatchi & Saatchi) was to make a comic strip poster about anything at all, as long as there were no words in it. The caption to be added at the bottom would push the idea of learning to read. CLICK HERE to see the final version (I left Vietnam before it was printed).
link to Atomega poster NESCAFE GIFT SET
Several mock-ups were done at the behest of McCann Erickson. This was going to be sold during the run-up to the Tet holidays. Initial versions were rejected for being "too oriental." CLICK HERE to see one.
link to Atomega poster NESTEA PROMO CART
No less than eight different mockups of this pushcart (not counting sub-variations) were done for McCann Erickson. CLICK HERE to see the array.
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