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Vigor Panties 4

Recently (summer of '05 to be specific, since I probably won't get around to updating this for several years) there has been a groundswell of two emails received at the Vigor Panties Desk of The Jaded Gates Website. Here they are:

Received Monday, June 27, 2005 11:50 AM:

On a whim I did a Google on vigor panties and found only your website. My mother discovered them while Director of the USO in Seoul in about 1980 and found them amusing enough to negotiate the US rights to distribute them (with some major changes in design and marketing... the largest could not accommodate the average American!). We eventually met with the inventor to arrange a deal with a US distributor ...but  he disappeared before anything could be finalized and we never heard from him again and potential investors lost interest. I gave many pairs away and at least one recipient who had been diagnosed as having a low sperm count due to testicles that easily overheated fathered a child after a few months of wearing them.

I still have a case or so in my attic. I would be happy to send you sample. I also used to have a supply of Darkie Toothpaste, which my mom found in Malaysia - fortunately she never had aspirations to maket that here.

I enjoyed your site!

Randall L., Ph.D.
Vice President, Research and Educational Outreach
A Certain Organization I Will Not Name Sine Randall Didn't Give Me Permission

I eagerly await my Vigor Panties, Mr. L.! For Tales from the Darkie Side, go HERE.

Received Wednesday, July 13, 2005 7:53 PM:

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for such a helpful and gorgeous website!

Google turned you up as one of the surprisingly few who reference Vigor Panties.  In case you have time or room to expand the VP saga, I've attached scans of (two!) the real things still in their wrappers.

My personal suspicion is that marketing them in Yellow doomed them.

Tom M.

It is interesting to note that, according to Mr. L., a Google search on or before June 27, 2005, produced only The Jaded Gates as a source of Men's Vigor Panties lore, whereas via the same search by Mr. M. approximately two weeks later, The Jaded Gates was "one of the surprisingly few" results. Obviously, interest in Men's Vigor Panties is growing exponentially. And now, thanks to Mr. M.:

HERE THEY ARE (only the yellow pair are shown, for obvious reasons):

Men's Vigor Panties enthusiasts: You now have a forum! Send your data, testimonials, photos (discretion advised), etc. here: MEN'S VIGOR PANTIES DESK, JADED GATES, USA.
(as if by magic)

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