Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
link to the Punk Magazine website Holmstrom pours a beer Punk Magazine This is site dedicated to the rag that gave punk rock its name and me a job. For what discerning critics acclaim to be the finest page at this site, go straight to here.
link to Wilderness Medicine He ain't heavy, and he ain't her brother. Wilderness Medicine In case you wonder what serious stuff is doing in this otherwise less-than-serious site, that's my sister (and that guy'd better watch his hands!) She does SAR and wilderness lifesaving training in English or Spanish.
link to music downloads Tutih is the one in green. Music Downloads Here are a few places where you can get some nonstandard tunes Arabian Music Downloads; Asian Classical Music in MP3 Format; Piranha Global Music; Big Bob's Doo Wop, R&R, R&B, Rockabilly Jukebox, IUMA-- unsigned artists, undiscovered bands and local talent; Johnny Cash songclips.
link to TVparty Tutih is the one in green. TVparty Over 1400 clips, special sections on Saturday morning cartoons, Bobby Darin, kids with guns, Nazis selling cereal, etc.
link to Bosko Bosko le sommelier Bosko John Holmstrom's site is dedicated to his friend, Bosko. To know who he is, you really need to explore the page "Bosko's Philosophy," but it will help to know that his #1 favorite food is Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.
link to Scott MacNeill Tutih is the one in green. Scott MacNeill While AD at bleep [name of publication censored, because he'd prefer to forget he was involved with that particularly seamy operation] Scott funneled enough work my way to keep starvation at bay, and eventually got me an actual day job there. Here's some of his stuff.
link to Avidor Studios Stuff by Ken Avidor, who worked for Punk Magazine under the name of Ken Wiener. See the utopian-bicyclopian path that the guy that drew "The Bum that goes Squirt" has followed. Also stuff by Ken's spouse Roberta.
link to PIM Public Illumination Magazine has been produced by Prof. Dr. Dr. Zagreus Bowery since way back, and is billed as "the world's smallest magazine of its kind." See Il Bruto's contributions to it here.
link to Picturesque Passions Jeffrey Isaac, who has no connection whatsoever to the publication listed above, has produced these compellingly ooky "fragments of a movie" honoring some of Roman Catholicism's lesser known saints. (You might want to pass on it if you don't like your saints naked.)
link to Sonny Liew's Amazing Squash Rental Agency Take a look.
link to Joe Coleman JC has a bad hair day. Joe Coleman See work by our greatest living "Apocalyptic Visionary Painter."
link to Coulson's homepage You'll certainly want to compare your carrot bag collection to his! David Coulson Illustrations, cartoons, etc. Don't miss the carrot bag collection.
link to Leah Stephens You'll certainly want to compare your carrot bag collection to his! Wrongland This fellow donkeyworker in the White Vinyl Mines of New Century has dedicated her site to the betterment of Missouri's postcard resources.
link to Weird Crap You'll certainly want to compare your carrot bag collection to his! WeirdCrap "Infotainment" site "inspired by lunatics, weirdos, mental defectives, kooks, cranks, and idiots of all kinds." Try the Recreational Christianity section (containing the Jack T. Chick Parody Archive).
link to Chick You'll certainly want to compare your carrot bag collection to his! Chick Publications ...but then why mess with parody? Go to the source, the master himself, J.T. Chick. This site has every Chick tract ever published (as far as I can tell), along with DVDs, posters, comics, etc. Most of it's for sale, and as for the ones that are out of print, "If you are willing to buy an entire press run of 10,000 copies, we will print them for you."
link to Les Filles de l'infer You'll certainly want to compare your carrot bag collection to his! Les Filles de l'Enfer It's hard to say what this site considers itself to be about, since it's in French. Despite my command of that language (for example, I happen to know that "Les Filles de l'Enfer" means "The Boneless Meat of the Innuendo"), all I can tell for sure is that it has pictures of some of cinema's finest gals: e.g. Barbara Steele, Ursula Andress, Julie Newmar, Anita Pallenberg (for a personal rememberence of her click here), Sharon Tate, Lili St. Cyr, etc.
link to Von Lmo's homepage "Von with ax"... this time it's a guitar. Von Lmo I'm not sure I can explain what it is about this guy that's so interesting. But anyway, one way or the other, it's best to keep an eye on him. The link at left will lead to a site that been "under construction" for several years. Try this one, though, for a taste. Read my interview with him in Stop Magazine #1. Delve further via The Von Lmo Files.
link to The Royal Flashmen Society of Upper Canada Flashman Seikkailut The Royal Flashman Society of Upper Canada There are several sites dedicated to the hero of the finest series of novels in the English Language. This one is my favorite. Check out the chronology.
link to Chinese Culture little emperor Chinese Cultural Studies: Images ...self-explanatory. (It's run by the Brooklyn College Dept. of Something or Other Having to Do with China.)
link to Exotic India Kali, garmented with space... and a few heads Exotic India "The one stop shop for Indian Arts." They sell all kinds of interesting stuff from India, from paintings to Barbie dolls.
link to AMEA If it's in a frame it's gotta be art. AMEA The World Museum of Erotic Art.
link to Dragstrip Groupies Sex heads it's ugly rear. Dragstrip Groupies "...dedicated to underground pinup girl pics from the late 1950's and early 60s."
link to Antique Weirdness In case the image is too small, this is a photo of a gal using a bellows to inflate (via the butthole) her horn-tooting friend. Brian's Page of Antique Weirdness ...self-explanatory.
link to the Contortion homepage She fits in this box just right! The Contortion Home Page As the proprietors say: "We hope that after your visit, you will view contortion as a beautiful art, and not as a spectacle." Of course! It goes without saying that chicks bent over double with their butts resting on their heads are beautiful art.
link to the Red Elvises homepage Red Elvises dress rehearsal Red Elvises If you don't know these guys... why not?
link to EnoWeb He said, "Go to Bangkok... you'll like it there." EnoWeb By the time you've finished perusing this site you'll almost feel as if he's real. You also might have noticed a reprint of "Eno In Mad City" (go to my copy here) in the interview archives.
link to What can compare to tons of facts and pics about Barney, Andge, Gomer, Otis, Floyd, Ernest T., Aint Bee, Opie, Thelma Lou, Howard Sprague, etc.?
link to One bullet was all it took. Don Knotts - Mayberry and Beyond Besides the latest on this cultural giant, you can find vital reference material such as The Top 25 Don Knotts Movies, and go to The History of Don Knotts Career for a timeline that makes his relation to the important events of his time abundantly clear.
link to R. Lee Ermey's Official Website This proud son of Emporia, KS, has provided a source for everything you could ever need regarding The Man himself, the US Marine Corps, the world, etc. For example, for $40 you can buy the "'Xtra Salty' Gunnery SGT R. Lee Ermey 12" Motivational Figure" (don't call it a doll, maggot!). Note: good downloads at "Sounds." Note also: 10% of all proceeds go to the Marine Corps Drill Instructors Association.
link to Rat As Big Daddy Roth put it, "Money comes and goes, but Rat Fink is forever." Amen. He was my original artistic inspiration (big points could be earned for being able to draw Rat Fink on command). Look for the Ed Roth Memorial page, the Rat Fink Store, the Rat Fink Museum, and so much more.
link to Tragic Beauties Barbara Abel came upon a mannequin sepulchre in downtown Detroit and made these creepy-yet-beautiful shots of the ladies that inhabited it.
link to the Mac Index at Shining on the horizon like a city of gold. KMaC Gone are the late-breaking product updates at the "Mac Index," and you can no longer register to have your picture on the cover (by "you" I don't mean "you," since you would have to be under 12 anyway)... all that's left about Kraft's (and indeed mankind's) greatest food is a short history.
link to website the lonliest road in the world Route 50 Route 66 was okay while it existed, but it doesn't anymore. But Highway 50 still does. Use this site to follow it right past the boyhood home of a young Raytown, Missouri lad who is best known for having produced what the world truly needs: another Website.
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