Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
Screw Magazine is a notorious pornographic tabloid published out of New York City. But it's also a place where unknown artists can get their work published with minimal interference. I worked there from 1980 until 1983, the last two years of which I was art director. It was a good job, doing interesting stuff and working with nice folks. People would sometimes look at me a little funny when I told them what I did -- either slightly disgusted or envious. But actually, except for a file cabinet full of 8x10s arranged in categories like "Hispanic amputees" or "urolangia," it might as well have been a run-of-the-mill publishing house (which it also tried to be... see Cigar Newsletter in THE REST). At left is a cover I did in 1984, after I had been on my first foray to S.E. Asia. Click here (or on the thumbnail) to see a larger version. Below are samples of page layouts (all done using wax machines, Ex-Acto knives, etc.).
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