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NEWS FLASH: The New Theatre Restaurant of Overland Park, which enjoys the honor of being the premiere permanent theatrical venue in the state
me and my drawings
of Kansas (as well as that of being the only permanent theatrical venue in the state of Kansas), allowed me to mount an exhibit of my drawings. We decided on a selection of 19 plates from Kamadhatu (more on that book HERE... buy it HERE), plus one unpublished piece ("Bosom Friends"). It was up ("is up" as of this writing) throughout the run of a comedy called "The Foreigner," November 10, 2004 to February 6, 2005. It was/is estimated that something like 40,000 people would/did pass through the lobby where the pictures are/were hung (pardon my verb tense juggling, but I know I'm not going to get around to updating this for a few years). It's also thought that several dozen of these folks actually stop and look at the drawings. (Admittedly, the pictures are not in total compliance with the standards of local dinner-theater-goer tastes.) I sent a press release to various media outlets. Click on the thumb here link to New Theatre press releaseto view it. So far there has been only one nibble. A magazine that goes by the name of "X" is going to have something on it in February. As for sales, I did get one taker on a book (in the interest of full disclosure it was Leah, my coworker). There has also been a query about buying a print. Other than that, the only trophy of the event I'll have to cherish may be the bad back I've got as a
art lovers
result of mounting 20 large pictures onto canvas stretchers. The pictures themselves were taken from scans from the book, set up on scans of batik cloth, and enlarged considerably to be run out on a digital banner printer at Stouse (my place of employment). The results were entirely satisfactory. "The Foreigner," I should add, was pretty entertaining. OK, well I'm not much of a theater person... I like my drama two-dimensional. But I've gotta say I entirely approve of the concept of dinner theater. It's nice to be able to stuff yourself and then not have to even get out of your chair to see a show.
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