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all atipI know you're as breathless as I am about the great new additions to The Jaded Gates, but before we get to that, here's some background. This site was originally constructed in August 2001 in Saigon. I put it up on Geocities, but there were structural problems that couldn't be solved at that time. It worked fine on my computer at home, but reportedly lots of pages wouldn't open on the internet. See, the government of Vietnam had blocked all Geocities sites, so I couldn't actually see which ones didn't work. Anyway, it gave me an excellent excuse to let it slide.

I moved back to the States not all that long after that, but never got around to trying to fix it. Eventually, though, the problem surfaced. It's highly technical, but I'll try to explain it.

There were two faulty input devices. The first is known as a "keyboard." When this was used in conjunction with the other faulty device (known as "fingers") it caused certain essential folders in the site content to become misnamed.

So long about early 2004 the site was finally working correctly, with all pages accessible, provided you don't have any faulty input devices of your own to deal with. Then, in late 2004 another milestone was passed when was inaggurated. But there was no new content to speak of until:


*Structural changes: A new section of things for sale, SHOP, has been added. The LINKS section has been annexed by the MISC section. A new section called ARTIFACTS has been added under MISC (theoretically, anyway). Altogether, about 240 pages have been added.

*Updates: The PUNK MAGAZINE section under ART has been completely revised. It now contains everything I did for that esteemed publication, along with some added items of historical interest (John Cale, Spacely, Lester Bangs, Von Lmo, Anita Pallenberg, the true story of the Punk Awards, Baba Gomer, me and Brooke Shields). The LINKS and QUOTES sections have also been expanded. THE REST section of ART has seen the addition of Onions (my publishing debut) and some Jakarta T-shirts.

*NEWSFLASH: Read about the exhibition of my drawings at the New Theatre Restaurant.

MARCH 2005

*Updates: There are now some artifacts in ARTIFACTS. A new section has been added to ART called PROTO-BRUTO. It contains things I did when I was in high school and college. Some things have also been added to THE REST section in ART (rows 6 and 7), and to INADVERTENT POETRY (rows 9 & 10) and FACTS (the first entry) in MISC.


*Updates: My bio at WHO has been expanded with some linked visuals and a trip to THE UNDERBELLY. The CHANTEL EPIPHANY has been illustrated. Some new QUOTES have been added (Hector, Johnny Cash, Big Daddy Roth, and The Hero of the Sind). Some new LINKS have been added (Avidor, PIM, Jeffrey Isaac, Sonny Liew, Don Knotts, Rat Fink, Barbara Abel, and R. Lee Ermey). Some new POETRY has been added (the Clark half of Lewis and Clark reveals his poetic side in THE AMORITE VS. THE BATTERY OF VENUS, droppings from CAVALIER have been gleaned, and proof that a COMPUTER can be sensitive is presented). And some new FACTS have been added (a shocking report on JOHNNY DEPP and a SAVAGE SADISTIC SEX SACRAMENT). Some bits have been added to the KAMADHATU and VIETNAM Art pages, and amazingly enough, I finally got all my stuff from COMICAL FUNNIES and STOP! MAGAZINE up. Last but least, don't miss the exiting VIGOR PANTIES UPDATE tacked on to the end of that piece.


*Updates: Assuming that you would have been able to imaging something like Von Lmo, even then you could never have imagined such a complete archive as you will find in The Von Lmo Files (somewhat questionably categorized in the FACTS section). My own Bio in the WHO section has been enhanced with The Road to Raytown: The Early Days. The QUOTES entry for Nelsonian Juxtaposition is now gloriously illustrated. Some old reviews of Fun Is Sick were added in ART. Also, there are three new/old logos in the REST section of ART (4th down from the top). And lastly, be sure to check out the new FACTS section called Curious Cuisine before your next culinary excursion.

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